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Bravade St Clement

La Garde Freinet is the first village in the Gulf of Saint Tropez to celebrate the historical military-religious procession each May. Reed pipes, drums and rifles accompany  a parade through  laneways and finish with  mass in the chapel St Clement on Saturday 6th May.  On Sunday 7th May there will be a procession in the village with a sung Provençal celebration in the church, followed by dancing in the town square.

A series of bravades are held  over the coming weeks in different parts of the Gulf of Saint Tropez.   The bravades are old Provençal customs that can be traced back the the 17th century when the town captain had the responsibilty to police the youngsters in the village and patron saints were honoured with festivities.

Saint Clement of Rome, one of the first Christian popes, is the patron saint of La Garde Freinet and this weekend locals and tourists alike will admire the handmade costumes and lively music that is typical of Provence in the South of France.





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